Healey Rolls Royce 4000R Prototype ADO 24 – 1967

Jahrgang                                   1967

Hubraum                                   3909

Zylinder                                      6

Getriebe                                     Handschaltung

Interieur                                     Schwarz/Leder

PS                                                268 PS

Tachostand                                4600 km

Preis                                            auf Anfrage


“The Car That Never Happend”
There were two main factors that brought about the end of the Austin-Healey in its “Big Healey” form and therefore the creation of the Rolls-Healey, commonly called the “4000”. One was the inability of the 3000’s doors to withstand Ralph Nadar’s newly defined side Impact requirements and the other involved Pollution control.
In response, Donald Healey built the 4000 using the existing six-cylinder 3-litre Princess engine built by Rolls-Royce. The car was virtually an Austin-Healey 3000 sliced down the long axis, with an extra 6 inches added in, and greater ground clearance. John Chatham said, “One Thing that strikes you immediately is how solid the 4000 is compared with the 3000. You’d have thought that when you go larger there would be more ‘flop’ somewhere. They certainly stiffened the Chassis. It doesn’t have the scuttle-shake that all 3000s always suffered from”.
My World of Cars, written by Donald Healey and published in 1989, offers great insight into the production and enjoyment of Healey automobiles. He writes of the three Rolls-Healey cars that were built. One of them, that car you see here on offer, was built entirely by hand at Donald’s home known as Trebah in Cornwall. Donald found the car very beautiful, not only in looks but in handling too, and described the 4000s as the world’s “most sought after Healey cars”. Unfortunately, it never saw production after Lord Stokes of British Leyland Motor Corporation deceided to do away with the names MG Healey, and Cooper in order to favor his Triumph cars.
Arthur Carter, owner of the most notable collection of Healey cars known, bought this prototype from Donald Healey and kept it in his Garage for 35 years. Allan Casavant bought the car from Arthur in 2005 with 3327 original miles, most of which were driven by Bic Healey, Donald’s youngest son in the late 1960s.

The car has Swiss MOT (Veteran Status) and is in absolut mint condition. One of a kind opportunity to acquire a piece of British Automotive History!

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