Appraisal Report


Regular reports give security when buying, selling and in insurance matters

While classic cars are lovers-vehicles, the corresponding market value for various reasons can not be ignored. In addition to the basic indicator of the value of the vehicle, for example due to a market price index (HAGI index etc.), we can also, if necessary with the assistance of independent experts create a manual appraisals of their vehicle.

A detailed Description of the vehicle is the basis. In addition to technical data and a detailed description of all state assemblies takes place. Details such as restoration or modifications are also listed and documented (if understandable), writing as figuratively.

The appraisals for the realistic market value of your vehicle, which can be helpful in principle at a replacement, respectively recovery of a vehicle.

A regular update (2 – 3 years depending on the vehicle) of such a report is certainly helpful in today’s market Environment.